Integrated E-Commerce Software for B2B and B2C

Get on the fastest path to happier clients, smarter sales and better business partnerships.

With Sana Commerce, you use your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP system as the engine of your web store. That means less time spent on sales calls and administration, and more time spent on adding real value.

Successful E-Commerce Starts With Your ERP

Customer-specific pricing. Shipping details. Account history. All the data you need for expert personalization is already at your disposal: in your ERP.
Our e-commerce software is designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. What that means for you and your clients? A web store that’s a perfect extension of your existing commercial processes.
Your clients have access to custom prices and a wealth of product information 24/7. Your sales reps have more time add real value. And your business is one step closer to mastering your digital transformation

An integrated e-commerce software that uses the business logic and data stored in Microsoft Dynamics and SAP to create beautiful, user-friendly web stores.

The Right E-Commerce Software for Your Industry

Role and authorization management. Fluctuating materials prices. Or just the sheer volume of SKUs in your catalog.
Each industry faces different e-commerce challenges. Find out how our solution helps businesses like yours overcome obstacles, delight clients and future-proof their operations.
Or head straight to our industry overview for a detailed look at how we can help you realize your full potential.

Key advantages of E-Commerce

E-Commerce offers many advantages to your clients, partners and colleagues. Our e-commerce software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and SAP and ensures that you and your customers get all the information they need, pulled directly from your ERP system in real-time.

A Good E-Commerce Experience Means Happier Clients

75% of B2B companies have had clients demand to buy online. And can you imagine a consumer-focused organization not offering customers the opportunity to shop on their own terms?

No matter your industry, an ERP-integrated web store offers your clients a level of convenience, clarity and control lightyears ahead of what other channels can offer.

Offering a 24/7 self-service portal puts the power in your customer’s hands. It gives them immediate, around-the-clock insight into the information they need to make informed buying decisions and offers them guaranteed access to place orders, reorder, pay for and return products online at their convenience.

E-Commerce Means Smarter Sales

Microsoft Dynamics Smart Business Decisions

Sure, a web store means you’re open 24/7. But there are plenty of other, less obvious benefits to launching an e-commerce platform — especially if you choose Sana Commerce.

Seamless integration between your ERP system and your Sana web store means that a lot of tedious admin is automated. The result? Fewer (human) errors, fewer hours spent on rekeying orders, and more time for your sales reps to add real value.

Learn how Sana’s online marketing capabilities help support your online sales strategy.

E-Commerce Means Being More Than a Supplier

Is your core business selling goods and services? Or is it helping your clients achieve their goals?

A web store provides convenience and freedom. An integrated web store provides that, enhanced with the information your clients need to make the best decision for their business. Information that’s up-to-date, but above all relevant.

Sana Commerce lets you serve up the latest data, while filtering out the noise with powerful personalization features.

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