Focus On The Risk, Not The Operations

Between commodity market volatility, over broad geography and varying regulatory structures – to say the operation of a mining company is full of risk is an understatement. No matter the location, the industry itself is an increasingly complex and global environment. As mines move from exploration through to production, basic accounting systems can no longer support business needs and requirements. That’s where we come in.

A Solution That Fits The Entire Lifecycle Of A Mine

An enterprise software solution with advanced mining capability can make all the difference in your day to day. Having real-time data at your finger tips puts your company in a position to use its resources and manpower where and when it’s most needed.  We have been implementing and supporting solutions for Mining companies in North America for a while and we aren’t new to this industry. Our customers rely on the knowledge and expertise of our professional consulting staff to help them streamline their operations, and we take great pride in that. We understand the complexities and risk of operating in an ever changing global business where so many factors impact daily business operations.

It's Complicated, We Get It

Selecting the perfect software for the mining industry can be challenging. Many ERP products came to with a focus on repetitive manufacturing, which means they likely aren’t the best candidate for a mining company. Mining organizations also typically require robust accounting and project management functionality—functionality which often would be absent from ERP packages.

Integration is Key

Mining companies have very unique needs and this may be one reason why most enterprise software options are a mismatch. In many mining operations today, even
those of considerable size, you will find them running an assortment of applications ranging from accounting to operational software, and none truly running in an integrated fashion.

360 View

Reduced Inventory & Material Costs Through Improved Visibility And Strategic Sourcing With Suppliers.

Supply And Demand

Alignment Of Supply & Manufacturing Requirements With Constantly Shifting Prices & Demand.

End To End

Lower Costs For Connecting Your Remote Locations To Your Head Office & To Your Customers.

Consolidated Multi-currency Reporting
Fixed Assets
Remote Site Processing

A Complete View

Our software solutions provide control, visibility, and operational insight through the entire mining value chain, from mine to market.
With a 360 view of their critical processes, mining operations are better equipped to manage
within an increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Human Resource Management
Ongoing Training and On-Boarding Assistance
System Maintenance and Upgrades
Shop Control

Maximize Capital Utilization and Reduce Operational Expenditure.

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