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Enhance your organizations productivity by throwing your manual finance process out of the window

Where’s the time gone?

Manual Accounts Payable processes are tedious and time-consuming at best. Data extraction and manual typing lead to mistakes and halts your productivity. You often find yourself staying late to work through that stack of invoices

Go for Document Capture

Document Capture can automate every step of your Accounts Payable invoice processing. You can handle everything from import to posting in just a few clicks, boosting your overall productivity and  ensuring you get home on time.

Automatic processing

Intelligent OCR eliminates manual typing by processing your invoice’s data. Once approved, your invoice is matched with your other purchase documents to ensure consistency.

Full digital archive

Retrieve your documents in seconds with a fully-indexed digital archive. With full-text searchable data, you can search for any information in the document, such as name, date, and amount.

Approval flows

Approve, reject, or put your documents on hold. Choose between various approval flows to ensure your documents are seen  and approved quickly and securely

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